Try these recipes that your taste buds will thank you for!


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  1. Spinach Chips
  2. Spinach w/strawberries.strawberries mask the flavor of the spinach.
  3. Fruit Smoothie w/spinach.With the sweetness of the fruit you’re guaranteed to forget the spinach.


Image result for broccoli  Shredding broccoli and sprinkling it over your food makes   your dish healthier. It also means you don’t have to      taste this childhood hated vegetable.



Image result for tomatoesBake tomato skin until it is “sun dried” or dry them in the sun! Then sprinkle some salt and pepper and add them to pasta,salad,pizza and so much more.



Image result for corn Boil corn and add salt and chili powder.This is a great way to mask the unique sweet flavor.This snack is actually popular in Indian cinema theaters and butter. It is a healthy alternative to popcorn.



Image result for celeryCelery actually burns more calories than consumption. This is because celery is mostly water. A great way to eat celery is to eat it with peanut butter (healthy kind) or cut it up into little pieces and act it with soup.


Comment below if you have other cool ideas to make vegetables taste better!