1. Need to get rid of a wrinkle but don’t have an iron box? Use a hair straightener!
    Image result for hair straightener remington
    Not only does it weigh less but it also heats up quick too! I recommend Remington! They are cheap and work well.
  2. Feeling nauseous, let’s say after riding a roller coaster? You might not be able to Image result for roller coasterfind some medicine fast without a little searching, but I’m sure a cup of Sprite isn’t too far away! Sprite costs less than the tablet and especially at places like amusement parks, carbonated                                                        beverages are easy to find.
  3. Want to eat your greens but don’t want to eat that bland spinach salad? Make them into chips! Image result for spinach chips Put some spinach in a bowl and put in a teaspoon or two of coconut oil and spread the leaves on some wax paper (if you don’t have wax paper  just put oil on the cookie sheet/pan and use that). Then put it in the oven for 12 minutes or whenever its crispy at 325 degrees. *Tip: I like to put chili powder, salt, and pepper. Feel free to add a variety of spices.
  4. Don’t remember someone’s name? Pull out your phone and ask them what their name is anyways. They’ll usually say their first name and be surprised that you don’t know it. This is the time you say “No, no. I mean your last name. I need it for my contact (or whatever made up excuse).”
  5. Are your lips not smooth, flaky, or chapped? You need a lip scrub! But you may not have one on you. No worries! Is Image result for honey sugarthere a coffee stand nearby? Get over there to make your free lip scrub! (Insert Picture 5) Just take  some honey and sugar and mix it together in a cup (it would be even better if you have one of those small cups for condiments). This is a great beauty college hack for those who are always broke.
  6. Need to sew two pieces of cloth together to make let’s say a pillow case or fix a stuffed animal? Use a hot glue gun! Image result for hot glue Hot glue is sturdy, easier, and a much faster way to stick the cloth together than sewing it.
  7. Have menstrual cramps but you don’t have a painkiller such as ibuprofen or aspirin? Use hot water! Using a hot towel or Image result for hot watera hot water bottle on the area of pain will significantly reduce the pain. According to a recent study, using painkillers or heat for cramps has the same result. Plus, using tablets can cause liver damage in the future and                                                        who wants that?